Automatic Dosing & Dyeing System For Laboratory & Bulk Production (Woven, Knitting and Printing)

  • Automatic Dispensing Machines (Dosorama)
  • Dos&Dye (Compact, Spectrodye, Spectrorama ML, Shakerama, Turbodyerama & Dyerama 20 - 500Gr Samples).
  • Automatic Wastewater Quality Analysis (Ecodyerama)
  • Quick responses on the fastness of dyes (Multi-Fastest)
  • Automatic Dispensing Systems for Bulk Production (Multi Piping Teflon made Transparent Piping)
  • Automatic Dosing Woven Textile Auxiliaries
  • Automatic Vacuum Suction of the dyestuff placed in a normal Stainless Steel bucket and to cause it to dissolve inside one or more than one tight dissolving tank.